October 13, 2021 - Day One (12 Noon Eastern Time)
Panel 1: Asset Management and The Impact of Climate Change

What impact are the physical, transition, and liability risks of climate change having on investment decisions? Join the conversation on how and what decisions are being made that will affect current investment strategies as the insurance industry works to manage exposure to climate change risk.

Panel 2: Underwriting Practices

Learn whether insurers are changing their underwriting practices for businesses investing in the fossil fuel arena and with greenhouse gas emitters. Should insurers consider moving away from underwriting those exposures.

October 14, 2021 - Day Two (12 Noon Eastern Time)
Panel 1: Paying for Resiliency

The old adage says that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. How do we apply that paradigm to help communities and businesses minimize and mitigate risk, as well as cover post-event cleanup, and spread-out costs through public-private partnerships?

Panel 2: Innovation & Climate Change

Learn what InsurTech’s are doing in the climate change space. Hear the discussion around innovation, and what innovative products are being created to address climate change and the mitigation of the cost of climate change?

Panel 3: Social Justice and Climate Change

Research shows underserved communities tend to be most vulnerable to the impact of climate change, and least able to mitigate it. This panel will address the insurance implications of systemic racism, coverage affordability and availability, and how to protect vulnerable communities.