The Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities has several opportunities for volunteering or working as an intern. 


The CHRO has created an extensive internship program offering high school, college, and law students opportunities to work in our office. For full details of the internship program, please see our Internship Program Page.


Section 6 of Public Act 11-237 significantly changes how the Commission processes discriminatory practice complaints.  For complaints that are retained following a merit assessment review, the Commission now has 60 days to conduct mandatory mediation.  To meet the demands posed by this new public act, the Commission invites persons with mediation or arbitration skills to volunteer as a special mediator.  As a special mediator, you will have the flexibility to mediate as many or as few cases as you like, and may conduct mediations in the agency’s five regional offices or other agreed upon location.



The Commission also encourages attorneys with an interest in civil rights and social justice to volunteer their services to perform work in the agency’s Legal Division as a select legal counsel.  As a select legal counsel, you will perform a challenging array of assignments in a congenial setting.  Volunteering as a special legal counsel is ideal for attorneys who are between placements, have yet to enter the job market or who have retired but want to remain professionally active.

Inquiries are warmly welcomed.