Andover Lake, Andover

Andover Lake Species Map
Andover Lake is a 157-acre, private lake open only to members of the lake association. It is lightly developed with mainly year-round homes, most of which have adequate buffer zones between their property and the lake. A dam at the northernmost point of the lake allows for a yearly drawdown in October.
In August 2008, we surveyed Andover Lake for aquatic vegetation. The most common plant found was western waterweed (Elodea nuttallii), sparsely inhabiting the majority of the shoreline, and more densely settled in the two coves to either side of the swimming area on the South shore. These coves are the sites in which most of the lake’s aquatic plant life occurs. The rest of the shoreline was mostly clear of vegetation, with very small patches of plants being more common on the western shore than the east. No invasive species were identified.