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Bring Me Back Home

What is the Bring Me Back Home Program?

Bring Me Back Home (BMBH) is a new registry for Connecticut residents which allows law enforcement access to information to assist in the recovery of missing or wandering persons. The provided information and photo, accessible through the COLLECT criminal justice and safety system, helps first responders and families reunite with individuals living with cognitive challenges, such as Dementia or Autism. This information is confidential and secure and can only be accessed by law enforcement personnel in an emergency.

How does Bring Me Back Home work?

A family member or guardian registers their person with cognitive challenges through the link, or in person, at your nearest police department. This information is now part of the statewide Bring Me Back Home registry. Law enforcement officers will have access to the confidential and secure information and respond appropriately. When the person wanders or is missing, individuals should call 9-1-1 IMMEDIATELY, and indicate that they are registered with the Bring Me Back Home program.

Who is eligible?

All members of the community whose cognitive challenges may lead to confusion and disorientation, and who are at risk of wandering or getting lost. 

How can we register?

You can sign your loved one up for BMBH by clicking the registration link below.

Register or Login to Bring Me Back Home

FAQ on How to create an account within the Bring Me Back Home registry.

Why is this important?

Wandering can be dangerous and life threatening. If not found within 24 hours, there is a much higher probability individuals may suffer serious injury or death.

For example, according to the Alzheimer's Association, 6 in 10 people living with dementia will wander. Alzheimer's disease, and other forms of dementia, can cause people to lose their ability to recognize familiar places and faces. This can happen at any stage of the disease and at any time of the day or night, this risk weighs heavily on caregivers and family.

Questions about dementia and wandering? The Alzheimer’s Association Connecticut Chapter offers a 24/7 Helpline providing information and resources for all affected. 1 (800) 272-3900 or visit our websites and

Technical Support

For issues logging in or any other questions regarding the Bring Me Back Home service, please send an email to You will receive a response within 1 - 2 business days.