Guidelines for the Practice of School Psychology Released

The CSDE is pleased and excited to announce the publication of the Guidelines for the Practice of School Psychology!

The Guidelines were last revised/published in 2004. This document is the result of a collaborative process involving a dedicated group of outside stakeholders and the CSDE. The project began under the leadership of then-Bureau of Special Education, Education Consultant, Jocelyn Mackey and was continued and completed by a group of school psychologists led by Dr. Michael Regan and the RESC ALLIANCE.

The Guidelines delineate the many ways school psychologists can support the educational process and contain not only a mission and philosophy, but also important information related to scope of practice, professional standards, ethics, professional development, supervision and evaluation, best practices and more. This important resource is designed to be used as a day-to-day resource by those who practice school psychology as well as individuals who supervise them.

The CSDE is planning to release a 20-minute high level webinar of the document in the near future. There will also be opportunities for further training/technical assistance sessions.

The document can be found on the CSDE school psychology page:
or accessed directly at: