What is P20 WIN?

P20 WIN informs sound policies and practice through the secure sharing of longitudinal data across the participating agencies to ensure that individuals successfully navigate supportive services and educational pathways into the workforce. This enables Connecticut to address questions such as: 


  • What high school academic experiences are the best predictors of student's success?
  • Which indicators can be used to support students to be college and career ready?
  • Which certificates and degrees enable students to work in Connecticut?

Connecticut agencies that are part of P20 WIN include:

  • State Department of Education (SDE)
  • Connecticut State Colleges and Universities (CSCU)
  • University of Connecticut (UConn)
  • Department of Labor (DOL)
  • Connecticut Conference of Independent Colleges (CCIC)
  • Office of Early Childhood (OEC)
  • Office of Policy and Management (OPM)



Each data request requires substantial documentation and the execution of a data sharing agreement before any data can be shared or linked. Refer to the P20 WIN Data Request Management Procedure (pdf) for a description of the process for requesting data and descriptions of the required documentation.


Research Agenda

Data requests to P20 WIN should align with either a participating agency’s individual research agenda or P20 WIN research interests. To learn more about the P20 WIN research interests, visit the Research Agenda page.