CT Medicaid Enterprise Technology System (CT METS)

Key Components - Modules

Recently the program received CMS approval to implement a more dynamic approach that is iterative in nature and focuses on early value delivery through an agile methodology. The new approach is more responsive to changing business needs, available technologies, and lessons learned, while ensuring no disruption of ongoing work.

The culmination of the CT METS Program will entail grouping related Medicaid functions into several individual, user-friendly technology modules, thus creating a modular Medicaid Enterprise Technology System (as outlined in Figure 1). This will make for easier upgrading and replacement, when needed, and better ability to interconnect with other systems both inside and outside of the Department.  

Figure 1 - CT METS Modules and Descriptions


Printable Version of Figure 1 - CT METS Modules and Descriptions      

NoteImages subject to change and updates throughout the CT METS Program, as needed.

Page last updated 01/04/2024