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December 22, 2010
                                     PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION

      Connecticut State Troopers are anticipating a major increase in travel both on state roads and on the public transportation system this upcoming holiday season.

       Connecticut State Police are adding to this year’s 2010 holiday enforcement operation.  Troopers working with MTA Police and local police departments will add security to railroad platforms and passenger trains along the train routes in Connecticut.  Troopers will be very visible on trains and platforms during the holiday season.  It is important to note that there is no specific threat to Connecticut’s train or transportation system but this added security initiative will continue to insure the safety of all holiday travelers coming in and through our state.

    Connecticut’s  “If you see something, Report it” initiative is a key component to keeping everyone safe not only on our transportation system, but it also is a major part of operation S.A.N.T.A. (Stop Another Needless Tragic Accident).

   In addition to the extra Troopers being assigned to patrol the trains system, Troopers will conduct sobriety checkpoints and adding more Troopers to patrol specific areas to curb drunk driving incidents.  Again, citizens are being asked “to be our eyes on the roads and highways of the state.”  Help Troopers keep you safe:  “If you see a suspected drunk driver report it by calling 911 on your cell phone. This is a true emergency.”

  These holiday safety operations are specifically designed to enhance public safety of our citizens in Connecticut. The visibility of law enforcement and vigilance of our citizens will help to keep everyone  safe.

Remember if you see something on Connecticut highways or on the state’s public transportation system that makes you uneasy, “REPORT IT.”


Lt. J. Paul Vance