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Drivers, Parents & Children Urged To Prepare
 For Back To School Safety,
Connecticut State Police Note
            As Connecticut children head back to school this week and next, the Connecticut State Police urge all parents and guardians to discuss safety issues with their children.  Parents should remind children about traffic, pedestrian and personal safety-related topics before putting their children on the school bus.

State Police also caution Connecticut drivers to be aware of “Back to School” bus, pedestrian and bicycle traffic.  Drivers are urged to use extra caution as they travel on Connecticut’s roadways and be alert to children who may be hurrying to and from school.

Under state law, it is mandatory that drivers stop for school buses that are flashing red warning lights, whether they are approaching or following the school bus.  The yellow flashing lights are a warning to motorists that the bus is stopping to pick up and/or discharge passengers. Drivers should anticipate that the red flashing lights will come on shortly after seeing the yellow flashing lights as the bus comes to a stop. The red flashing lights on a school bus indicate that the bus is stopped and students are either getting on or off the bus.  Again it is mandatory that drivers stop for school buses.  This is true on all undivided highways.  Failure to obey this law puts our children at great risk and carries a penalty for motorists, with fines starting at $460 for a first offense.

All Resident State Troopers in Connecticut and troopers on patrol in State Police towns will monitor school bus stops to help ensure the safety of all students as they travel back to school to begin the 2010 school year.


Lt. J. Paul Vance