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December 18, 2009

   The Connecticut State Police today announced the 2009 holiday enforcement program aimed at saving lives and preventing injuries during the Christmas and New Year’s holiday season.

   Operation S.A.N.T.A. (S-top A-nother N-eedless T-ragic A-ccident) is the major holiday accident and injury prevention message from the Connecticut State Police. This Combined Accident Reduction Effort (C.A.R.E.) involves all State Police Departments across the U.S.  The main focus of the enforcement is on the most frequent causes of accident fatalities: drivers who drive under the influence, who speed, fail to wear seatbelts or allow distractions to interfere with driving.

   Enhanced DUI and seatbelt enforcement will be constant over the entire holiday season. Traditionally, the month of December is when many holiday celebrations such as house and office parties take place. Many of these parties include the consumption of alcohol and, sadly, some partygoers will fail to heed the state police warning that mixing alcohol with the operation of any vehicle is unwise, dangerous and illegal.

   The Connecticut State Police have scheduled numerous DUI spot checks and enhanced enforcement operations on the roads and highways of Connecticut. Public Safety Commissioner John A. Danaher III said, “We are trying to save lives and keep all of our roads and highways safe. Alcohol should never be mixed with driving. Period.”

   No one looks forward to spending time in a jail, a hospital or someplace worse over the holidays.  State Troopers will do everything they can to keep drunk drivers off the roads. The public is asked to join our effort. Anyone who plans to consume alcohol at any festive event should make plans in advance to have a sober, non-drinking driver bring them home. If anyone sees a “suspected” drunk driver, they should report it by calling 911, this is a true emergency.    

   Seat belt enforcement is an important part of Operation SANTA.  Those who do not wear seatbelts and are involved in a crash will likely be injured. Seatbelts prevent injuries, keep drivers and passengers secure and can prevent them from being seriously injured when ejected in a crash.


   Your State Troopers wish you a happy and safe holiday season.

   See attached list for DUI sobriety checkpoint locations.

   List of Sobriety Checkpoint Locations