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February 29, 2008
Missing Person Investigation in East Granby
   The East Granby Resident Trooper's Office is currently investigating the report of a possible missing person. After unsucessful attempts to locate or contact this person over the past several days to make notification of the hospitalization of a family member, health care personnel contacted the East Granby Resident Trooper's Office for assistance.
   The missing person is Vincent P. DOBRUCK, age 57, d.o.b. 02/16/1951, of Spoonville Road, E. Granby, CT.  Mr. Dobruck is a white male, 5'8", 150 lbs., with green eyes and grey and brown hair. He wears eyeglasses and is known to have a beard and mustache.
   The Resident Trooper's Office has, among other investigative efforts, searched the missing man's home, checked several local establishments he is know to frequent and seached several databases available to investigators. Mr. Dobruck is known to ride a bicycle (he does not own or drive a car), however his bicycle was located at his home.
   Through investigative efforts, it is believed that Mr. Dobruck was last seen on Tuesday, Feb. 26, 2008, on foot in the Spoonville area of East Granby.
   The State Police has entered Mr. Dobruck as a missing person in computer files available to all law enforcement agencies. Surrounding police agencies have been alerted and notified.   
   Anyone with information about Mr. Dobruck and or his possible whereabouts is asked to call
Troop H in Hartford at (860) 534-1000 or the East Granby Resident Trooper's Office at (860) 653-5385, case # 08-00097335
The following is a photo of Vincent Dobruck:
missing person Vicent Dobruck