Fireworks and Special Effects

All FIREWORKS (with the exception of sparklers) ARE ILLEGAL in Connecticut and may not be sold, purchased or used, with the exception of regulated fireworks displays by state licensed, professional pyro-technicians at sites which have been approved by state and local officials.

Licenses and Permits for Fireworks Displays, Special Effects, Fireworks Shooters, Special Effects Shooters, Fireworks Distributors, Fireworks Manufacturers are governed by Chapter 541 Section 29-356 through 29-366 of the Connecticut General Statutes.

A state license or permit for Fireworks Shooters and Special Effects shooters are required to submit a completed application along with a reference from your employer, two (2) photographs (1 1/2" X 1 1/2") taken within the past three months, two forms of identification, and a insurance liability certificate signed by the Commissioner of Insurance.

Licenses and Permits for these types of transactions are as set below:

Form Number Form Name
DPS-0131-C Application for Fireworks/Special Effects Displays
DPS-0141-C Special Effects-Certificate of Competency - (SE Shooter)- NEW
  Special Effects -Certificate of Competency (SE Shooter)- RENEWAL
  LTD. Special Effects Displays
SP-141-C Fireworks -Certificate of Competency - (FW Shooter)- NEW
  Fireworks -Certificate of Competency (FW Shooter)- RENEWAL
  Duplicate Shooter License
  LTD. Special Effects Shooter - NEW
  LTD. Special Effects Shooter - RENEWAL
  Duplicate Shooter License
SP-1066-C Fireworks Distributor
SP-1066-C Fireworks Manufacturer
  Sparkler Vendor Information

For additional information contact:

Emergency Services and Public Protection
Connecticut State Police
Special Licensing and Firearms Unit
1111 Country Club Road
Middletown, CT, 06457

Telephone (860) 685-8470