Training for EPPI Exercise

If you are a municipal, state, or private sector official, employee, or volunteer who is planning to participate in the Statewide EPPI exercise, here are some recommended web-based independent study courses to help you prepare as well as in-person courses. 

These courses are produced by the FEMA Emergency Management Institute's Independent Study Program as well as the DEMHS Operations, training and Exercise Unit.

DEMHS Operations, Training and Exercise Unit Courses:

  • CYBERSECURITY AWARENESS TRAINING, VERSION 1.0 (CSAT, v1.0): The Connecticut Division of Emergency Management and Homeland Security (CT DEMHS) is pleased to offer the inaugural CSAT, v1.0 to regional partners.  This course will focus on individual Cybersecurity Hygiene, organizational Preparedness for Cybersecurity Events, and coincides with current, Cybersecurity efforts.  The duration of this training is 4 hours and seating is limited to 35 seats per CT DEMHS Region.  Intended audience:  local/municipal leadership, department heads & staff; Emergency Management Directors (EMDs); Information Technology (IT) representatives; Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs); Law Enforcement personnel; Emergency Response personnel; Registrar of Voters; School Administrators; Town Clerks; and Public Library staff. 

FEMA Independent Study Courses:

DEMHS recommends taking IS-100b, 200, 201 and 701a, at a minimum.

NIMS Courses:

IAP Preparation Course:
The Connecticut State Response Framework
Chief Executive Officers and Municipal Officials Training