Historic Restoration Fund Grants (HRF)

Preservation Easements

A preservation easement, also known as a preservation restriction, must be placed on the property following project completion. HRF Grantors are required to provide the SHPO with a preservation restriction of limited duration on the property that is the beneficiary of funding. Under the terms of the preservation restriction, the property owner agrees to:

  • not perform any work on the property other than routine maintenance without the permission of the SHPO;
  • ensure reasonable public access to the property for the purpose of viewing the state-funded work;

  • maintain adequate insurance on the property; and
  • not change the use of the property or subdivide the property without the prior consent of the SHPO.


The duration of a preservation restriction is determined by the amount of grant funds awarded upon completion of the project.  The duration of the easement follows the below schedule.

Grant award: 

  • $0-$20,000: five year preservation restriction
  • $20,0001 to $50,000: ten year preservation restriction
  • $50,0001 to $100,000: fifteen-year preservation restriction
  • $100,000 to $200,000: twenty-year preservation restriction

View a sample restriction. When you have executed the final easement document, please submit it to the office with the Organization Contact Form.


For more information on the preservation easement program, review the program brochure or contact:

Julie Carmelich, Historian

450 Columbus Blvd, Suite 5

Hartford, CT 06103