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State Police Participate in Chief State’s Attorney’s Training Initiative



(Rocky Hill, CT) – The Division of Criminal Justice this week hosted the Chief State’s Attorney’s Training Initiative for members of the Connecticut State Police. The three-day seminar focusing on the interdependence of prosecutors and police in investigating crimes and presenting evidence in court, examined law enforcement procedures, emerging areas of the law and the use of modern digital forensics.
Held at the Office of the Chief State’s Attorney in Rocky Hill, the training curriculum included instruction on search and seizure, statements and identification procedures, courtroom demeanor and testifying, the defense attorney's perspective, risk warrants and cell phone extractions.
Chief State’s Attorney Patrick J. Griffin, State’s Attorneys David R. Applegate, Joseph T. Corradino, Michael A. Gailor and Paul J. Narducci, and prosecutors and staff from the Division of Criminal Justice’s Appellate Bureau and Juvenile Matters led the training. Attorney Leonard M. Crone and Senior Digital Forensic Examiner Manny Hatzikostas of the FBI also participated in the training.
This initiative was an opportunity for police and prosecutors to exchange ideas and train together with meaningful interaction," Chief State's Attorney Griffin said. "The fundamental goal of the Division of Criminal Justice's continued policy development is to promote public confidence in our prosecutorial decisions and in the exercise of our prosecutorial discretion. A key component of instilling that public confidence is our commitment to a rigorous professional development program for all members of the Division that includes partnering with law enforcement agencies in the development of training initiatives.”
The Chief State's Attorney's Training Initiative follows the September 16, 2022 John M. Bailey Seminar, an annual review of legal developments that impact police policies and practices in Connecticut. Nearly 700 police officers and law enforcement officials participated in the virtual one-day seminar also hosted by the Division of Criminal Justice.
Training at the Division has increased substantially since Chief State’s Attorney Griffin created the Office of Ethics and Professional Standards in July, shortly after his appointment by the Criminal Justice Commission on May 12, 2022.
Chief State’s Attorney Griffin appointed longtime prosecutor Lisa M. D’Angelo as an Executive Assistant State’s Attorney to serve as the Director of the Office of Ethics and Professional Standards. The newly formed office directs the development, implementation and evaluation of updated ethical and professional standards for the Division and the development and implementation of a comprehensive program of in-service staff development and training for prosecutors, inspectors and other Division staff.