State of Connecticut Criminal Justice Commission

The Criminal Justice Commission is an autonomous body constitutionally charged with appointing all state prosecutors employed in the Division of Criminal Justice.

The Commission was established with the adoption of Article XXIII of the Connecticut Constitution, which was approved by the voters of this state in November, 1984.


Article fourth of the constitution is amended by adding a new section to read as follows: There shall be established within the executive department a division of criminal justice which shall be in charge of the investigation and prosecution of all criminal matters. Said division shall include the chief state's attorney, who shall be its administrative head, and the state's attorneys for each judicial district, which districts shall be established by law. The prosecutorial power of the state shall be vested in a chief state's attorney and the state's attorney for each judicial district. The chief state's attorney shall be appointed as prescribed by law. There shall be a commission composed of the chief state's attorney and six members appointed by the governor and confirmed by the General Assembly, two of whom shall be judges of the Superior Court. Said commission shall appoint a state's attorney for each judicial district and such other attorneys as prescribed by law.

The Commission makes appointments of statutorily mandated prosecutors, as well as other prosecutors requested by the Chief State's Attorney, who is responsible for the administration of the Division of Criminal Justice.

The Commission is composed of the Chief State's Attorney and six members nominated by the Governor and appointed by the General Assembly, two of whom must be judges of the Superior Court.

The GThe Honorable Andrew J. McDonald, Chair of the Criminal Justice Commission.overnor appoints the Chairperson, and the members of the Commission volunteer their service to the State of Connecticut; they are not compensated.

The Honorable Andrew J. McDonald, Associate Justice of the Connecticut Supreme Court, was appointed Chair in 2017 by Governor Dannel P. Malloy. Justice McDonald has served on the Supreme Court since January 2013 and previously served as General Counsel in the Office of the Governor.

In addition to Justice McDonald and Chief State's Attorney Kevin T. Kane, who serves as an ex-officio member, the current members of the Criminal Justice Commission are:

The Honorable Juliett L. Crawford was appointed to the Commission in 2011 by Governor Malloy. She has served as a Judge of the Superior Court since 1998. In addition to her experience as an instructor in trial advocacy at the Yale University School of Law, Judge Crawford served as Assistant State’s Attorney and Supervisory Assistant State’s Attorney from 1984 through 1998. Prior to that, she worked as a legislative assistant to Senator Lowell Weicker, worked at the U.S. Social Security Administration, and served in the United States Army.

Mary M. Galvin, Esq., was appointed to the Commission in 2011 by Governor Malloy. She currently serves as Senior Counsel, Travelers Indemnity Company, Hartford, and previously served as Dean of Education for the National Advocacy Center of the National District Attorneys' Association in Columbia, South Carolina. She was State’s Attorney for the Judicial District of Ansonia-Milford from 1988 through 2006, Chief Assistant State’s Attorney in New Haven from 1985 through 1987, Assistant State’s Attorney from 1977 through 1985, and was an Assistant Prosecutor from 1975 through 1977.

Eric George, Esq., was appointed to the Commission in 2017 by Governor Malloy. He is the President of the Insurance Association of Connecticut and previously was Associate Counsel for the Connecticut Business and Industry Association and as an attorney with Pullman & Comley, LLC.  

Moy N. Ogilvie, Esq., was appointed to the Commission in 2011 by Governor Malloy. She is a Partner at McCarter & English, Hartford, practicing in the area of product liability, toxic tort matters and pharmaceutical matters. She has handled state and federal court matters involving exposure to various chemicals or products, and has served as national coordinating counsel for a chemical manufacturer’s benzene docket. She currently serves on the Federal Grievance Committee for the United States District Court for Connecticut, which handles attorney discipline in the Connecticut federal courts.

Erick A. Russell, Esq., was appointed to the Commission in 2017 by Governor Malloy. Attorney Russell is an Associate in the Government Finance and Litigation Departments at Pullman & Comley, LLC. Prior to joining Pullman & Comley in 2012, Attorney Russell interned for the General Counsel to Governor Malloy. He was also a summer associate in 2011, served as a legal intern for the Connecticut Legal Rights Project in 2010 and was an intern in the Office of the State's Attorney for the Judicial District of Ansonia-Milford.

The Commission's appointment authority includes the Chief State's Attorney, Deputy Chief State's Attorneys, and Deputy Assistant State's Attorneys. The Chief State's Attorney is appointed for a five-year term; the Deputy Chief State's Attorneys for a four-year term; and the State's Attorneys for eight-year terms. The Chief State's Attorney, in his capacity as a member of the Commission, does not participate in the appointment process for the Chief State's Attorney or the Deputy Chief State's Attorneys.


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