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New Online Bidding Process for State Construction Projects

New paperless process begins in February

The Department of Administrative Services is excited to announce a new online bidding process for its Design-Bid-Build Construction Projects.  These types of projects are the traditional delivery methods for state construction projects and involve a design phase with an architect consultant, followed by a construction phase with a construction contractor.  This new process will be for bids in the construction phase.

This new process will begin February 1, 2018.  Solicitation responses, or “bids”, will be submitted electronically via the state’s BizNet IT network.  Applicants will need to have a BizNet Account to participate.  BizNet is free to users.

Currently the bid process is a paper-driven process which can be inefficient or burdensome for both the contractors and the State.

Commencing February 1, bidders will log into BizNet, download, complete, upload and submit the bid documents electronically. Bids will no longer be submitted or accepted in hard copy paper format.  Detailed instructions on the process and how to submit bids are available on the DAS website.  Solicitation responses can be updated until the day and time of the solicitation closing. Submitted bids cannot be viewed by any other bidder until after the bid opening.  The bid opening will also occur electronically and, once opened, all bids will then be available for viewing.

As the system comes online, DAS recommends that bidders prepare and submit their bids with ample time before the bid due date and time.

“This online bidding process is a modern, cost effective and paperless process,” said DAS Commissioner Melody Currey.  “DAS continues to modernize its systems to meet the demands of our customers by using technology to help them manage their business needs more efficiently.”