CT State Marshal Impersonator Scam Returns

The Connecticut State Marshal Commission has received several reports from state marshals who have had their name, phone numbers and addresses used in an apparent money collection scam. This same scam also occurred in 2019.

Here’s how the scam works:

  • A scammer calls and says that they are a state marshal (using an actual state marshal’s name and address), and demands that you provide funds immediately.
  • The scammer says that these funds must be provided in order to avoid arrest for violations such as failure to appear in court, failure to attend jury duty, or failure to pay a fine.
  • Scammers often ask that you pay via cash, wire transfer, or other untraceable form of payment, making it even more challenging to recover.

While state marshals are authorized under certain circumstances to collect funds from individuals under tax warrants and executions, they will always have written documentation from the court or tax collector to support their claim.

What you should do:

  • If you receive such a call, hang up and then contact the state marshal referenced in the call directly at the number provided on this list: https://www.jud.ct.gov/faq/marshals.htm
  • The Commission strongly suggests that you also report the call to local law enforcement.  It is a crime to impersonate a state marshal. 
  • Do not send funds to someone representing themselves to be a state marshal over the phone.
  • All state marshals have a state-issued photo identification and a badge.  If someone comes to your home or place of work claiming to be a state marshal, request to see their identification and badge, as well as any documentation supporting their presence.

The State Marshal Commission is an Executive Branch commission operating within the Department of Administrative Services with independent decision making authority.