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Newington’s Temple Sinai was targeted this past Friday when an online worship service was hacked with swastikas and other threatening messages.  The incident came amid several others around the country directed at religious communities. Last week, churches were vandalized in New York and Massachusetts. On Saturday in Florida, someone set fire to a Catholic church with patrons still inside. 

These incidents are alarming examples of how hate is prospering nationally.  The Commission recognizes, along with organizations like the Anti-Defamation League, the increase in acts of antisemitism and hate that people of faith have recently been facing.  The Commission encourages anyone witnessing an act to report it to the police.  These acts must stop. 

We must unite in diversity and establish Connecticut as a state free from all discrimination. We become stronger when people of all faiths and other protected classes feel at home here, without fear to worship. We become weaker with each act of hate and in failing to recognize the progress that we need to make toward equality. 

The Commission remains committed to enforcing laws making discrimination illegal, including discrimination based on religion. People experiencing religious discrimination in employment, housing, public accommodations, or credit transactions are encouraged to file complaints with the Commission. Information on the complaint filing process can be found here.

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