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Lake Wintergreen, Hamden - 2010

Lake Wintergreen

2010 Aquatic Plant Survey Map of Lake Wintergreen

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   The 2010 survey of Lake Wintergreen found no invasive species in the lake.  Fifteen native species were found.  The most prominent species was Utricularia purpurea. It was found covering most of the northern half of the lake.  It was also present in large patches along the eastern shore.  The northern half of the lake was the most species rich area of the lake. All fifteen species were found there.  Two large patches of Elodea nuttallii were present.  Brasenia schreberi was growing in small to large patches around the entire perimeter of the lake except the middle of the western side.  In that area only one species was growing, Potamogeton foliosus.  The plant was found growing sporadically in medium to large patches around the entire perimeter of the lake. Eriocaulon aquaticum, Pontederia cordata, and Nympahea odorata were all found in small to medium patches around most of the shore of the lake.  Potamogeton epihydrus, Elatine species, and Potamogeton bicupulatus occurred in low quantities both in the northern half of the lake and along the western to southern shore.  Elodea canadensis, Najas flexilis, Ludwigia palustris, and Ceratophyllum demersum only occurred in small patches in the northern half of the lake.

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Species recorded in our 2010 survey of Lake Wintergreen. Click on plant to view herbarium mount. (invasive species in bold)
Elatine sp.
Eleocharis sp.
Elodea canadensis
Elodea nuttallii
Najas flexilis
Nymphaea odorata
Potamogeton bicupulatus
Potamogeton foliosus
Utricularia pupurea


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