Medicaid Hospital Reimbursement


Approved Hospital Medicaid State Plans

SPA 15-003 Acute Care Hospitals – Modernization of Inpatient Reimbursement Methodology 

SPA 15-018 Outpatient Hospital Services - Fixed Fees 

SPA 15-034 Outpatient Hospital Services Electroconvulsive Therapy 

SPA 15-042 Inpatient Supplemental Payments to Small Acute Care Hospitals 

SPA 16-001 Inpatient Reimbursement to Acute Care Hospitals 

SPA 16-008 Hospital Reimbursement for Long Acting Reversible Contraceptive 

SPA 16-013 Inpatient Supplemental Payments to Acute Care Hospitals 

SPA 16-0016A Modernization Outpatient Reimbursement Methodology 

SPA 16-018 Supplemental Reimbursement for Inpatient Hospital Services 

SPA 16-019 Inpatient Supplemental Reimbursement to Small Independent Hospitals

SPA 17-011 / 17-J Modernization of Inpatient Hospital Reimbursement Methodology

SPA 17-012 / 17-K Reimbursement Update Outpatient Hospital Services

Pending Hospital Medicaid State Plans

SPA 17-R Inpatient Hospital Supplemental Payments

SPA 17-S Inpatient Small Hospital Pool Supplemental Payments

SPA 17-Z Outpatient Hospital Supplemental Payments for State-Owned Acute Care Hospitals



SPA 11-012 DSH Payments 

SPA 11-013 Inpatient Supplemental Payments 

SPA 11-031 Inpatient Hospital Rates 

SPA 11-033 Payment Adjustment for Provider Preventable Conditions


SPA 12-002 Inpatient Hospital Rate Meld 

SPA 12-005 Outpatient Supplemental Payments 

SPA 12-021 Yale Merger with Saint Raphael  


SPA 13-011 Elimination of Child Psychiatric Performance Pool 

SPA 13-012 Inpatient Supplemental Payments 

SPA 13-029 Inpatient Supplemental Payments 

SPA 13-035 Inpatient Hospital Rates 

SPA 13-037 Disproportionate Share Hospital 

SPA 13-046 Chronic Disease Hospitals  


SPA 14-010 Inpatient Hospital Rates 

SPA 14-013 Provider-Based Status for Outpatient Children's Hospitals was Withdrawn

Withdrawal Letter regarding SPA 14-013 

SPA 14-032 Acute Care Hospital Rates – Merger of Danbury and New Milford Hospitals 

SPA 14-035 Outpatient Hospital Group Counseling for Tobacco Cessation