Chapter 36

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Policy Manual:  Treatment

Topic / Number

Case Planning (Introduction)  36-1

Case Planning Best Practice Guide

Contents of Family Case Plans  36-2
Contents of Child In Placement Case Plans  36-3
Timeframes for Case Plan Completion  36-4
Case Plan Monitoring:  Contact Standards  36-5

Purposeful Visitation Best Practice Guide

Strengthening Families Practice Model Trauma-Informed Care  36-6

Trauma-Informed Care Best Practice Guide

Child and Family Permanency Teaming  36-8
Administrative Case Review 

Introduction to ACR Process 36-11-1
ACR Meeting  36-11-2

Treatment Plan Monitoring

Responsibilities of Treatment Workers: Out-of-State Visitation Standards  36-15-1.3
Monitoring of the Health and Safety Plan  36-15-6

Runaways:  Notification and Follow Up Process  36-16

Runaway Notification and Follow-Up Best Practice Guide

Placement Prevention-Services to Prevent Out-of-Home Placement & Facilitate Reunification  36-30-1
Return Guidelines - Return or Non-Return of Children Placed Outside of Their Own Homes  36-40-1
Health and Mental Health  - Mental Health Responsibilities  36-45-2
Alternatives to Immediate Removal  36-48
To Request & Make a Placement: Use of the Placement Portfolio
Options for Placement -Non-Voluntary Placement

    Removal From Own Home  36-50-10.1
    Order of Temporary Custody - Superior Court for Juvenile Matters  36-50-10.2
    Order of Temporary Custody - Superior Court  36-50-10.3
    Order of Temporary Custody - Probate Court  36-50-10.4
    Ninety-six (96) Hour Hold - Hospital  36-50-10.5

Foster Care Guidelines for Services 36-55-1

    Department Responsibilities in Foster Care  36-55-1.1
    Social Worker's Responsibility to the Child in Foster Care  36-55-1.2
    Social Worker's Responsibility to Foster Parents  36-55-1.3
    Department's Responsibility to Natural Parents While Child is in Placement  36-55-1.4
    Foster Parents’ Role and Responsibility 36-55-1.5
    KidPix:  See Chapter 31-8-15

Selecting Foster Care Settings  36-55-5
Placement of Sibling Groups  36-55-6
Visitation Arrangements for Separated Siblings  36-55-7
Exception to the Principles of Matching  33-55-10
Emergency Placement Homes  36-55-11
Travel Out-of-State With a Foster Child  36-55-12
Moving a Child in Foster Care  36-55-15
Placement Disruption Conferences  36-55-20
Foster Care Financial Information

Relative Placements  36-60

Public/Private Agency Placements

    Standardized Referral Summary 36-65-1
    Specialized Residential Placements 36-65-2

Legal Risk Placements  36-70-1

Changes in Visitation or Placement - Parental Notification  36-75-1
Adolescent Services  36-80
Role of Treatment Worker in Adoption Process - Case Transfer Prior to Termination of Parental Rights  36-85-1
Dual Commitment  36-90
Interstate Compacts  36-91
Out-of-State Placement Guidelines  36-92
Reporting a Missing Child   36-93
Use of Discretionary/Flexible Funds  36-100
Use of Services for SED Children and Juvenile Delinquents  36-101
Flexible Funds for Needed Services and Goods  36-102
Firearms in Licensed Foster Homes  36-105
Substantiated Abuse/Neglect by Unlicensed Day Care Providers  36-106
Case Closing