We at DSS apologize to all the families who are impacted by the delay in distributing Summer EBT benefits. Despite our efforts to make the benefit available as soon as possible, we experienced unexpected delays in the process that changed the benefit distribution date.   Regular SNAP benefits are NOT impacted by this date change. Again, we apologize for the impact this has had on our residents and we are working as quickly as we can to make benefits available as soon as possible.  Please visit this site again for more updates. DSS is working tirelessly with our internal and external partners to accelerate the process as quickly as we can in order to get these much needed benefits to Connecticut families.  To find out more about whether your family may qualify for Summer EBT and for more information about the program and other summer meals and nutrition resources please visit:


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The Department of Social Services is recommending Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) cardholders to protect their benefits by creating a new PIN number periodically.

  • Changing the PIN will ensure that if the card was compromised, benefits will not be stolen. Below are some other tips to keep your benefits safe:
  • Avoid simple PINs. Number combinations such as 1111, 1234 or 9876 may be easy for others to guess.
  • Keep your PIN and card number secret. Do not share your PIN or card number with anyone outside your household. Cover the keypad when you enter your PIN on a card reader.
  • Beware of phishing. DSS and EBT customer service will never call or text to ask for your PIN or card number.
  • Change your PIN often. Change your PIN at least once a month, especially right before your benefits are to be added to your card, by calling EBT Customer Service at 1-888-328-2666.
  • Check your EBT account regularly for unauthorized charges. If you see any, change your PIN right away to stop the thief from making new purchases. Report suspicious activity to us.

To request replacement of stolen SNAP benefits, please fill out this form.