Engaging all of our partners to build a nation-leading workforce

Governor's Workforce Council

The GWC will work closely with five stakeholder groups, relying on their partnership and input to ensure a coordinated and successful effort to enhance and build our Workforce in CT.





Business must lead this change towards a demand-driven training ecosystem by conveying the rapidly changing needs of the market through direct, continuous engagement among educators, trainers, and partners from targeted industries



Educational entities must ensure that skills and curricula relevant to the 21st century workforce are being promoted across the K-12 to post-secondary and retirement pipeline.


State Agencies

Government players must leverage stronger data driven reporting and accountability systems and an integrated approach to spending that balances blends spending on those who receive government assistance but also aspire to build careers that allow them to support their families

Community Partners

Community Partners  

Philanthropic, nonprofit and for-profit social impact innovators have a unique understanding of the communities they serve, and should be aggressively enlisted to help solve problems and design solutions that can accelerate our transformation.


CT Residents

Residents of CT are the primary beneficiary of all GWC initiatives. We will rely on residents to seek out assistance through qualified programs, and engage with resources that can help them accelerate their careers.