OWS Initiatives

Enhancing Connecticut’s Workforce Ecosystem through intentional coordination, collaboration, and cooperation


The Office of Workforce Strategy

About us

The Office of Workforce Strategy (OWS) is a division of the CT Department of Economic and Community Development that serves as the administrative staff to the Governor’s Workforce Council (GWC).

Our vision is for every Connecticut resident to have access to a meaningful career pathway and the support needed to fulfill their aspirations and for every Connecticut business to have access to a skilled workforce.

Our mission is to build the systems, teams, and approaches that will make Connecticut a talent environment that attracts and motivates students, career builders, and companies alike.

School District Support for the 2021-22 School Year

Consistent with the priorities of the GWC Strategic Plan, OWS is offering strategic planning and technical assistance to Connecticut public schools and school district officials that wish to expand their career readiness programming during the 2021-22 school year. These offerings will include:

  • • Career Pathways: Technical assistance to districts and schools seeking to develop new career-focused courses, giving middle and high students essential skills to begin their career in an in-demand industry

  • • Work Based Learning: Support to districts and schools in fostering local employer partnerships to develop internship, pre-apprenticeship, job shadow, or mentorship opportunities for middle and high school students

  • • Dual Credit/Dual Enrollment: Strategic support to districts and schools interested in developing new opportunities for high school students to earn college credit in a professional area of interest while working towards high school graduation requirements

  • • Digital Literacy Professional Development: Assistance to districts and schools in forming partnerships with leaders in the technology and tech education sectors who can offer high quality digital literacy training to teachers. This will be crucial for K-12 educators who wish to make continued use of the unprecedented influx of technology into schools over the past year by effectively embedding technology into in-person learning experiences going forward.

Superintendents, district officials, and school principals seeking to learn more about ways in which OWS can support the expansion of career readiness opportunities for students should contact Molly Thomas at Molly.Thomas@ct.gov.