Manufacturing Innovation Fund


The State of Connecticut established the Manufacturing Innovation Fund (MIF) to support the growth, innovation and progress of Connecticut's advanced manufacturing sector. This funding is used to provide direct loans and/or grants as well as to support an array of initiatives, including:

  • encouraging company/university collaboration in research and development efforts;    
  • providing vouchers to assist with business development and technical needs;  
  • funding job training and educational programs that strengthen workforce skills; and 
  • providing matching funds for federal grants. 

Eligible Applicants

This fund provides support for a number of different types of organizations, including:

  • aerospace, medical device or other corporate/nonprofit organizations specializing in technologically advanced commercial products or services;
  • state or federally certified education and training programs designed to meet an anticipated demand for appropriately skilled and trained workers;
  • entities desiring to leverage federal grant funds to support advancement in manufacturing.

Funding Opportunities

The Manufacturing Innovation Fund supports a variety of objectives for growing manufacturers. Click below to learn more about the support it provides to: 

Accelerate Growth

Facilitate Innovation

Cultivate Talent

Investigate Careers

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