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Emergency Response Guides for Hybrid Vehicles

Responder-specific guidelines for hybrid vehicles are usually in the form of Emergency Response Guides (ERGs).  The Emergency Management and Response—Information Sharing and Analysis Center (EMR-ISAC) learned that ERGs provide an invaluable resource about a particular hybrid model vehicle.  An ERG can be used by any emergency responder as a rescue resource tool on site, but that is not their primary purpose.  They were developed to be utilized prior to an incident.  The intended target audience is the company officer, training officer, or extrication instructor who may be presenting a company awareness program for hybrid safety. 


On a related matter, the EMR-ISAC confirmed in an Associated Press article that the General Motors Corporation (GMC) will soon begin manufacturing its Chevrolet Volt electric car that could get 230 mpg in city driving. Although most automakers are working on similar designs, the Volt will be the first mainstream plug-in vehicle powered by systems other than the internal combustion engine. Its battery pack can be recharged from a standard home outlet.


Because the Volt is powered by an electric motor and a battery pack, GMC recommends that first responders become knowledgeable about how the Volt is different, what to look for at a traffic accident incident, and how to respond effectively.