An initial discussion and review of your proposed research will occur in order to determine whether it is:
  • Exempt - Proposed research is exempt from IRB review when it does not deal with personally identifiable case data.  If your proposed research is exempt, a letter will be sent to you from an IRB co-chairperson to that effect.
  • Expedited - Proposed research is expedited when it is suitable for review and the research does not directly involve DCF children.  If an expedited review is appropriate, the application package will be distributed to selected IRB members for review and you will be notified of the decision as soon as possible.
  • Full Board review - Proposed research that requires a full, in-person IRB review because it does deal with personally identifiable case data.  You will be contacted to schedule a presentation by phone or in person.

IRB approval does not constitute administrative permission to access data or subjects in DCF facilities, programs and services.  DCF administrative permission for access to specific records or subjects is a separate matter.  Permission must be obtained from DCF and the administrators of the respective facility, program, or service.


Contribution, Authorship and Acknowledgement:

The Department seeks ongoing opportunities to engage in partnerships of mutual benefit as an outgrowth of its commitment to and investment in scholarly research. Therefore, the Department may be able to make significant contributions that support proposed research and build DCF staff capacity through involvement in activities such as formulating the research hypotheses and research design; and/or designing and conducting major data analyses and interpreting the findings.


The expectation is that DCF staff would be afforded opportunities for co-authorship by helping to draft or revise an article for critically important content; contributing to writing a major section of the manuscript; and providing final approval of the version to be published. Department staff that makes minor contributions should be acknowledged in the paper. The Department reserves the right to decide its level of contribution or initiate requests when these opportunities appear available and consistent with its priorities.


If you have any questions, you may e-mail the IRB at the DCF IRB mailbox at