State Agency Procedures to Surplus Vehicles

How To

Process your vehicle(s) to send to auction:

  1. Complete a DPS-29 for each vehicle 
    - Verify the VIN on the DPS-29 with the VIN on the actual vehicle, make sure the MILEAGE is correct**, fill in the CODING section as well, in case we sell your vehicle to another agency, and sign the DPS-29.
    **If mileage is incorrect on your DPS-29 and it results in a title being produced with incorrect mileage, a corrected title will need to be requested.  Each corrected title is a fee of $35.00. The agency that turned in the incorrect paperwork will be held responsible for submitting incorrect info and the fee will be withheld from the sale of the vehicle.
  2. Locate your original Certificate of Origin, Title or court documents if it is a seized vehicle or asset forfeiture (if it is a seized vehicle or asset forfeiture, please be specific as to which).  If you do not have an original Certificate of Origin or Title, you will need to obtain and complete a Motor Vehicle Q-1 form from the DMV, along with a Lost CO Letter.  A Q-1 form is needed for asset forfeiture/seized property vehicles, but a letter is not.
  3. Sign your Certificate of Origin/Title as the seller.  Leave the mileage and the buyer/sold to areas blank on this form.
  4. Email Kristin Wright at the Property Room your DPS-29.  She will enter it in the vendor data system and send you a manifest.  Have the tow truck driver sign this manifest at pickup and keep it for your records.
  5. Make a copy of the DPS-29 for the tow company and give that copy to them when they pick up the vehicle and keys.
  6. Mail completed originals to:
    State of CT DAS Surplus, 450 Columbus Blvd, Suite 1202, Hartford, CT 06103.