Procedures for State Agencies and Municipalities to Purchase Surplus Vehicles

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To Bid on Surplus Vehicles

If a vehicle is not sold/reallocated to a state agency or municipality, or if you missed the reallocation period, the vehicle will go to public auction. Agencies and Municipalities may opt to bid on the vehicle along with the public.

To Bid, You must be registered with the Property Room:

To Register:

  1. Contact Kristin Wright at the Property Room to set up your agency account.

To view State Vehicles at auction:

  1. Go to the Property Room Municipal Vehicle Opens in a new window page
  2. This will bring up all the state vehicles that are for sale, as well as vehicles from other agencies (city/town vehicles).
  3. Be sure you are logged in and follow the website instructions to place your bid.

Please be sure you are looking at a State of CT vehicle, if that is what you want, before you start bidding.

Winning an Auction:

  1. If you are the highest bidder, you will receive a winning notification from the vendor informing you that you are the auction winner and confirming the vehicle you have won.  Read that notification carefully.
  2. You must make payment for the vehicle using the instructions provided in your winning bid email.
  3. Once you make payment you will receive a notification saying your payment has been received, but you cannot yet pick up your vehicle until you receive another notification that your payment has cleared.
  4. Once you receive a notification that your payment has cleared, you must contact Corona’s Auto Parts Opens in a new window to schedule the pickup.
  5. Bring all of your paperwork, ID and gate fee of $30 at your assigned pickup date and time.  If you are sending someone else to pick up your vehicle (including a shipping company), you must call to inform Corona’s, as well as send a notarized letter of authorization, with the individual.
  6. You will receive the title and keys, as well as your vehicle, once all paperwork is complete.
  7. Vehicles not picked up within 3 days of payment are subject to storage fees of $25 per business day.
  8. Vehicles not paid for within 10 days are forfeited.