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    • craig crews

      Craig Crews, Ph.D.

      Click to see why Founder Craig Crews decided to launch pharmaceutical pioneer Arvinas in New Haven.

    • Stan Galanski

      Stan Galanski

      Learn why CEO Stan Galanski relocated The Navigators Group's headquarters from New York to Stamford.

    • chris dipentima

      Chris DiPentima

      Click to hear how President Chris DiPentima is expanding Pegasus Manufacturing in Middletown.

    • Valerie Cooper

      Valerie Cooper

      Click to find out why Founding Owner Valerie Cooper started her company Picture That in Stamford.

    • Virginia Pan

      Virginia P'an

      Click to discover how Founder Virginia P'an is expanding the global reach of Yumi EcoSolutions from Norwalk.

    • Jim smith

      Jim Smith

      Click to learn why Chairman and CEO Jim Smith has maintained the global headquarters of Webster Bank in Waterbury.

    • Chip Bottone

      Chip Bottone

      Click to listen to Chip Bottone, CEO and President of FuelCell Energy, on why Connecticut is the ideal global hub for his business.

    • Martin Mackay

      Martin Mackay

      Hear Martin Mackay, Ph.D., global head of R&D at Alexion Pharmaceuticals, on Connecticut's strongest assets for business. 

    • Dale Cline

      Dale Cline

      Click to hear why Dale Cline, CEO of BlackStratus, is bringing his cybersecurity company to Connecticut.

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    Building Your Business in Connecticut – Connecticut Entrepreneurship

    With a competitively skilled workforce and dedicated state support, more businesses, large and small, are choosing to build and expand in Connecticut every year. Datto, Cigna and Evay Cosmetics are just three examples of the wide range of companies that bring a winning spirit to the state. Find out about the myriad resources available to start,grow, and expand your business in Connecticut.

    Growing Businesses Build Industry’s Future in Connecticut

    The Jackson Laboratory is designing medicine based on your DNA. Microboard Processing is keeping U.S. manufacturing moving forward. NBC Sports Group chose to consolidate operations in Connecticut. These are a few of the many growing businesses that are building their futures right here in Connecticut - a state with expanding opportunities and one that has created 50,000 new private-sector jobs.  Find out why Connecticut is good for your business and learn more about some of the industries that are leading its economic resurgence.