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Silver Sands State Park


Silver Sands State Park 


The boardwalk connector that runs from the Silver Sands State Park parking lot to the main boardwalk along the beach, is being closed indefinitely during the public health emergency.  That section of the boardwalk over the marsh is narrow, and adequate social distancing can be difficult to maintain.  The public will still be allowed to access the beach, the entire boardwalk along the beach, and can access the main parking lot by other trails in the park.  Park signage will be added to direct visitors to alternate trails to access the beach


seagull on Silver Sands beach

Sandy beaches, boardwalks, seashells, and shore birds dominate the attraction to Silver Sands' beaches in Milford.  Over a half mile of shoreline and three quarters of a mile of all-weather boardwalk make this a popular four-season waterfront destination.


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The sandbar (also known as a tombolo) between Silver Sands State Park and Charles Island overwashes twice daily with tidal flooding, which produces dangerous currents and undertow.
No one should walk on any portion of the tombolo when it is covered with water. No crossing to the Island is allowed May 1 through August 31 when the island is managed as a Natural Area Preserve for nesting birds.

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This property was acquired and/or developed with the assistance of the Land and Water Conservation Fund

Land and Water Conservation Fund Grant Program

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Content last updated September 2019