Advanced Manufacturing

Since the 1700s, when Connecticut’s own Eli Whitney first patented the cotton gin, Connecticut has been a center for manufacturing innovation. More than two centuries later, Connecticut is still home to manufacturing pioneers — from multinational Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to leading suppliers of components, composites and related services of all types. Together, they make Connecticut one of the most established and dynamic manufacturing ecosystems in America today.

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Key Advantages

Here are just a few reasons so many manufacturers now make Connecticut their home.

  • Diverse array of companies. Connecticut is home to 4,400+ manufacturers — from some of the world’s leaders in aerospace and shipbuilding to thousands of leading component manufacturers.
  • Highly skilled, highly productive workforce. Connecticut ranks sixth in the U.S. for investment in its workforce development and fifth in the U.S. for productivity.
  • A key focus of the state’s economic growth strategy. Advanced manufacturing now generates nearly 11% of Connecticut’s gross state product — and continues to be central to the state’s strategic growth plans.
  • National leader in defense. Connecticut manufacturers bring in over $19 billion in defense contracts.
  • State leader in exports. Our manufacturers export $15 billion in goods each year, representing more than 92% of the state’s exports.

Targeted Support

Connecticut offers an array of tax incentives, funding opportunities and technical resources designed specifically for advanced manufacturers. Click on any of the links below to learn more. Just be sure to also explore the rest of our site for the other programs available to all types of businesses.





Industry Leaders

Just a few of our advanced manufacturers are highlighted below.

Advanced Manufacturing Companies

You can also hear from one of our sector leaders here. 


  Pegasus Manufacturing President Chris DiPentima on expanding in Middletown.

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