BRS State Rehabilitation Council


The State Rehabilitation Council (SRC) works in partnership with the Bureau of Rehabilitation Services (BRS) to help improve employment outcomes for people with disabilities. SRC members provide advice and guidance to BRS (in formal and informal ways) so that persons with disabilities have a voice in planning and designing the services that lead toward self-sufficiency and independence.


BRS administers the Title I Vocational Rehabilitation and Title VI Supported Employment programs of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended, that mandate employment services for people with disabilities.  This act is the federal law that requires each designated state agency (BRS in Connecticut) to work closely with its SRC in developing the State Plan, strategic plans, reports, and state goals and priorities and in conducting needs assessment and evaluations.


The SRC is comprised of persons who want to work with BRS to improve employment outcomes for people with disabilities.  Any individual willing to commit to working with BRS may seek an appointment to become a part of the SRC.  The Governor appoints members to the SRC following an application process.



The State Rehabilitation Council (SRC) provides assessment, advice, and recommendations to the Bureau of Rehabilitation Services (BRS) and others regarding the coordination and effectiveness of programs and strategies which promote community-based competitive employment for persons with disabilities.

The State Rehabilitation Council will:

  • Assess the effectiveness and delivery of vocational services provided by BRS to individuals with disabilities;
  • Strive to improve the coordination of vocational services among BRS, the state agencies and public and private entities for the benefit of consumers of BRS.
  • Make recommendations to the Governor, BRS and others for developing and improving strategies for the employment and vocational services for individuals with disabilities.

Members are appointed by the Governor for a term of three years; each member may serve no more than two consecutive terms.

Per Section 105 of the Rehab Act of 1973, as Amended, the SRC needs to have specific representatives of the following groups:

  • At least one representative of  
    • the Statewide Independent Living Council;
    • the Parent Training and Information Center;
    • the Client Assistance Program - CAP (Section 112);
    • Community Rehabilitation Providers (CRP); 
    • the State Education Department;
    • the State Workforce Investment Board; and
    • Section 121 (VR for native Americans); 
  • Four representatives of business, industry and labor; 
  • Representatives of disability advocacy groups representing physical, cognitive, sensory, and mental disabilities and individuals who have difficulty representing themselves; and 
  • Current or former applicants or recipients of VR services.

A majority of the members of the Council must have physical and/or mental disabilities.  Members are provided with accommodations for meetings and are reimbursed for travel expenses to and from meetings and for the use of personal care attendants that enable participation in the meetings. 

The SRC rotates meeting locations around the state approximately six times per year.  These meetings generally run about three hours on Wednesday afternoons.  Members are asked to join at least one subcommittee that will meet prior to the full meeting and as needed at other times to achieve goals. 

Value of SRC Participation

Membership on the SRC gives you an opportunity to voice your opinions about policies and procedures that affect BRS consumers and service providers. The SRC works with BRS to improve the vocational rehabilitation and supported employment process.

If you are interested in being appointed to membership on the SRC or you would like to nominate someone to be appointed, please review the recruitment fact sheet and application.

Please follow the instructions as listed on the application to submit the application.

Consumer Feedback to the SRC
If you are a BRS consumer and would like to share your thoughts about BRS with the SRC, please submit your general comments about the VR program to

Consumers, family members and others interested in the VR program may also attend SRC meetings to gain information or to share feedback.  Please contact the SRC Liaison to register your attendance at an SRC meeting.

Connecticut’s SRC is a member of the 
National Coalition of State Rehabilitation Councils (NCSRC). This collaboration with SRCs in other states provides a stronger, more cohesive voice to ensure the consumer’s concerns are considered at the national level.


The SRC submits an annual report to the Governor of Connecticut and to the Rehabilitation Services Administration (RSA).  The SRC also makes recommendations to BRS in the VR Portion of WIOA State Plan for the State of Connecticut.

New members to the SRC receive internal training to help prepare them to fulfill their membership duties. They are equipped with information to help them understand the role of SRCs and how to interact with the vocational rehabilitation program.