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The Research, Analysis & Evaluation Unit conducts research on crime and the criminal justice system.
The publications below represent those developed by this Unit and others relevant to Connecticut's Criminal Justice community.
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The Criminal Justice Digital Library - a compendium of criminal justice research publications and reports created by the Criminal Justice Policy and Planning Division's Research Unit in conjunction with the Connecticut State Library and Statistical Analysis Center resources. 
The Connecticut State Library is mandated to collect, distribute, and preserve any and all documents, publications and reports produced by State of Connecticut agencies.  Below are the Connecticut State Library's minimum requirements intended to ensure accurate cataloguing of an agency’s documents, so that they can be easily accessed by interested parties.
What to include in your agency’s Publication Title Pages
  • Title: State name, Descriptive Title (reflects content of publication, including the time period of the study)
  • Author: Agency name, Other supporting Authors
  • Date: Month/Year of Publication
Steps for Publication Submissions
  • Submit document as PDF or URL to the library as they are distributed to the public (
  • Include “New Publication” or “Removed Publication” as subject of message
  • Number pages within the body of the report that contain text or graphic content (excludes title page or any blank pages within the publication)
For more information on submissions contact the Connecticut State Librarians:
Special thanks to Nancy Lieffort, Julie Schwartz, Rachel Tirnady and Cody Hyman in their efforts to create this wonderful resource!
The following publications are developed entirely or in part by the Criminal Justice Policy & Planning Division, Research, Analysis & Evaluation Unit, in concert with its key Criminal Justice partners:

 Statistical Briefs

Additional Publications

The following publications are State of Connecticut Criminal Justice publications developed by other State agencies and their respective partner organizations:
The following are federal and national resources:


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