I saved my SMART Health Card to my phone, but then I got another COVID-19 vaccination. How do I add my recent COVID vaccination?

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Apple Wallet: If you received another dose after you already added your initial dose(s) to your iPhone or app, you will want to delete your initial record from your Apple Health and Wallet apps (for iPhones) first before uploading your new record.


For Apple devices

  • Add, View and Share: Add verifiable COVID-19 vaccination information to Apple Wallet and Health - Apple Support (ensure Software version is iOS 15.1)
  • How to delete your old record:
    • Open your Apple Health app
    • Click Browse
    • Scroll to Health Records
    • Click Immunizations
    • Click COVID-19 Vaccine
    • Click on your old record
    • Scroll down and click Delete Record
    • Click “Delete” when asked, "Are you sure you want to delete?"
    • Now you can pull up your new COVID-19 vaccination record that contains all doses received, scan it with your camera, and add the updated record to your Health app and Wallet the same way you did the first time

Android Device

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