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Governor Lamont is committed to building a strong, prosperous future for the state of Connecticut. He’s pioneered investments in workforce development, education, and the environment to help ensure the state’s bright future.

Governor Lamont has signed into law the largest income tax cut in Connecticut history, worked with businesses to help expand their growth and create new jobs, and supported working families and small businesses. He believes that education holds the key to Connecticut’s success, so he’s also prioritizing advancements in education for both teachers and students.

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“Today we have more people working, more people starting businesses, more people joining labor unions with better pay and better benefits, more of our graduates staying in Connecticut, and more out-of-staters wanting to move here.”


— Governor Ned Lamont, 2024 State of the State Address

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Connecticut is making strides in healthcare, education, tax relief, and more.

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Governor Ned Lamont supports his constituents every day. He invests in better education, better healthcare, and more support for working families.

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