DAS Collection Services


There are rules that limit the amount of money the State may collect from the windfall and these are found in the Connecticut General Statutes
  • C.G.S. 4a-12 Collection services performed by Commissioner of Administrative Services. Referral of debt for collection. Liable relatives
  • C.G.S. 4a-16  Disposition of estates of public assistance beneficiaries, state institution patients, inmates and certain children
  • C.G.S 17b-95 State’s claim on death of beneficiary or parent of beneficiary. Sums due pursuant to an annuity contract
  • C.G.S. 17b-230 Death of a patient or person who has been a patient in a state humane institution.
  • C.G.S. 17b-265 Department subrogated to right of recovery of applicant or recipient. Utilization of personal health insurance. Insurance coverage of medical assistance recipients. Limitations
  • C.G.S. 18-85a Compensation of inmates. Deposit in account. Disbursement priorities
  • C.G.S. 18-85b State’s claim against proceeds of person’s cause of action or person’s inheritance for repayment of costs of incarceration
  • C.G.S. 18-85c State’s claim against person’s estate for repayment of costs of incarceration
  • C.G.S. 46b-129 (l) Commitment of child or youth. Petition for neglected, uncared for or abused child or youth. Hearing re temporary custody, order to appear or petition. Review of permanency plan. Cost of care and maintenance of child or youth; reimbursement. Revocation of commitment. Legal guardianships and permanent legal guardianships. Applicability of provisions re placement of child from another state and Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children
  • C.G.S. 46b-130 Reimbursement for expense of care and maintenance. Assignment of right of support to Commissioner of Children and Families. Parents’ assistance in pursuing support