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Secondary Page Template

The Agency Secondary Page Template acts as a landing page for a navigation topic. It displays a listing of items that have been tagged to that specific topic/sub-topic.

The template is broken down into the following areas:


 Agency Secondary Page Template


Agency Navigation

The Agency Navigation area contains the top-level topics of your website and is the main method of navigating the site. There is also an Agency-site wide search box that searches all web pages, sections, and document files within your site.

Most Popular Services

The Most Popular Services is a list of links to common tasks, pages, documents, or sections of your website. It is where most of your visitor traffic will focus to accomplish a common task.


The List/Simple View drop down provides two ways to display the list of popular services of that topic:

  • List View - Items displayed include a title and description (default view)
  • Simple View - Items displayed include title only
Feature Boxes

There are three Feature Boxes that display featured content related to that topic with an image that directs the visitor to that feature.