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Licenses/Certifications/Permits Task Template

The License/Certification/Permitting Task Template can be used for any task that requires a license, certification or permit. This would include licenses, certificates or permits for, recreation, business, professional, environmental, etc.

  • The navigation sections are pre-defined.
  • The Overview section is the only required navigation section. All others are optional.
  • The navigation sections cannot be reordered or renamed.
  • Each navigation section allows for open editing, meaning you can place anything on the page using the rich text editor.


License, Certification, Permitting Task Template


Navigation Sections
  • Overview - This section can include a brief description, expectations to complete the task, benefits, requirements, explanations, schedules, etc.
  • EligibilityThis section can include basic information about who is eligible for this service and qualifications.
  • How To - This is section is the step-by-step instructions for how to complete the task. It can include a list of needed documents, identification, paperwork, and any other information needed to complete the task.
  • What’s Next - This section can include information about what happens next after preforming the task, how long it will take, and any additional information regarding next steps.
  • Fees / Payments - This section includes any fees or payments required to accomplish the task.
  • Documents / Forms - This section includes any documents or forms relating to the task.
  • Apply / Register - Include this section if the task requires the visitor to apply or register for a license, certification, or permit.
  • Obtain / Purchase - Include this section if the task requires the visitor to obtain or purchase a license, certification, or permit.
  • Renew - Include this section if the task requires the visitor to renew a license, certification, or permit.
  • Types of Licenses - This section can include information about the different licenses offered or if the licenses are specific to residents, non-residents, individuals, or groups, etc.
  • Related Resources - This section is for any information that relates to the task that may be related links, related tasks or any other information.
  • Laws / Regulations - This section can include any state or federal laws, regulations, or legislation pertaining to the task.
  • Reprint - This section can be used for any information that involves reprinting of a license.
  • FAQ - This section is for frequently asked questions relating to a particular task.
  • Contact - This section includes, directions, phone numbers, addresses, locations, helpful information and any other basic contact information.