Agency Landing Page

The Agency Landing Page Template is the default home page for the Agency website and is the first view of the Agency that a website visitor will see. It is the gateway to all Agency-related tasks and information they may wish to find.

The template is broken down into the following areas:

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 Agency Landing Page Template


Agency Navigation

The Agency Navigation area contains the top-level topics of your website and is the main method of navigating the site. There is also an Agency-site wide search box that searches all web pages, sections, and document files within your site.

Most Popular Services

The Most Popular Services is a list of links to common tasks, pages, documents, or sections of your website. It is where most of your visitor traffic will focus to accomplish a common task.

Feature Boxes

There are three Feature Boxes that display featured content with an image that directs the visitor to that feature.

Quick Links

This area contains three columns of a list of links that can be customized by the Agency. Options include:

  • List of links that go to other pages, documents, sections, or other websites.
  • A list of recent press releases from the Agency
  • A display of the Agency Twitter or Facebook feed


This area contains a photo and welcome message from the Agency Commissioner.

Agency About Us

This area allows a list of links that are typically found under the Agency About Us page, such as mission and vision statement, organization structure, open positions, and more.

Social Media

Add all social media channels to your website here. Current options include Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and YouTube.

Contact Us

This area displays the physical address, phone, fax, etc. of the Agency along with the option to add hyperlinks to areas like driving directions, contact forms, etc.