Creating Agency Local Navigation

The Agency Local Navigation is a listing of sub-topics of your website that appear in the left column box after selecting a homepage navigation.

Agency Local Navigation sub-topics are built under the _resources > Folder_Name_Here Navigation item displayed in the Content Tree. Local navigation can be created for each content folder or Sub-folder so long as it has an _resources folder to create the navigation.

NOTE: This is ONLY available on the DSF Legacy Template for Lift-and-Shift Agencies.


Create a Local Navigation Sub-topic

  1. Select the content folder you wish to add local navigation and expand the arrow to view files under it.
  2. Expand the _resources folder and select the Navigation item (it will be named whatever the content folder is named).
  3. Right-click and choose Insert > DSF Legacy Navigation Item.
    Content Tree: Insert Local Navigation Item

  4. A dialog box will appear for you to enter the navigation topic name.
  5. Replace DSF Legacy Navigation Item in the name field with the new navigation topic name.
    Insert Local Navigation Dialog box
  6. Select OK.

NOTE: You can create as many navigation items as needed, but you cannot create sub-navigation items under this content folder.


Edit the Navigation Properties

  1. Select the navigation title.
  2. In the right pane, scroll down to Base Data section.
    Content Area: Edit Content Title and Teaser
  3. Modify the Content Title field as needed. This will be what shows up in the left navigation.
  4. Enter a Teaser (a brief description of the page title). This will be what the visitor sees when they hover over the left navigation.
  5. Scroll down to the Category Data Section and select the Insert link from the Page URL field. This will be the page the navigation title will link to.
    • Select the Clear link to remove an existing one you are replacing.
      Content Area: Edit Page URL
  6. Select the Save icon Save icon.
  7. Check in each of your local navigation items and publish the _resources folder.