Add Content, Images, and More

To add content to a page, select the sub-page you wish to add the content to and edit the Base Data area in the content area.

  1. From the content tree structure, select a sub-page under the task. (In the example below, the "Eligibility" task page is selected.)
    Content Editor Content Tree showing a task selected

  2. When selected, the content area (to the right of the content tree) will display all the properties of the page. The second property listed is called the Base Data area. Select the Show editor link located under the Content HTML section to launch the rich content editor.
    Content Editor - Base Data area content

  3. Enter your content into the Rich Text Editor.
    Text Editor screen

    Learn more about the Rich Text Editor features
    Add an image  |  Add a hyperlink  |  Add an email link  |  Add an anchor linkAdd a table  |  Add an iFrame

    Read Writing for the Web Guidelines
    Ensure any images or tables you add meet Accessibility Compliance

  4. Select the blue Accept button when done entering content to exit out of the Rich Text Editor.
  5. Select the Save Changes Save icon icon located at the top left of the screen.

NOTE: Save your changes often to keep from losing them!


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