A Dynamic List is a listing of pages, links, and/or documents that have been tagged in order to appear on a list. The list contains components, such as titles and descriptions, which are specific to the type of items chosen (press releases, tasks, documents, external links, etc.).

View a Dynamic List example

  1. Browse your website structure using the Navigation bar and select the List icon Lists section.
    Experience Editor Ribbon Nav Bar List Addition
  2. If you selected the main "List" (the first one listed), you can insert an List icon Agency Main List to create a list under it.
    • This will create a list topic you can tag pages to.
    • You can also create sub-lists under this main list.
  3. If you want to create a sub-list under an existing main list, select the list you want to add a sub-list under.
    Experience Editor Ribbon Insert Page
  4. Select the add item icon Insert page icon.
  5. A dialog box will appear for you to enter the list name.
    Dialog Box - New Dynamic List Create

    NOTE: Special characters and punctuation [!@#$%^&*(),<.>/?;:’”\] cannot be used in the name.

  6. Select OK.