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The tables in this design use a simple white and gray palette with dark text. Table rows and columns defined as headers use a very light gray background with bold text. Within a table, every other row has a light gray background. This ensures legibility and accessibility.

Tables are meant to convey complex relationships between several categories of data and should not be used as a design or layout element. Generally, and in consideration of accessibility, a good rule of thumb is that tables should only be used when numerical data is represented. Tables must be created carefully to ensure that they are accessible. Learn more about creating federally compliant tables.

Population Statistics
City County Mayor Population
Hartford Hartford Luke Bronin 123,243
Middletown Middlesex Dan Drew 46,544
New Haven New Haven Toni Harp 129,934
New London New London Michael Passero 26,984
Waterbury New Haven Neil O'Leary 108,272


How to build a table