• Any tips on improving the Agency search box results?

    To get the best possible search results in the Agency Search Box, pages should contain keywords in the following property fields that the Agency Search pulls information from to determine what to display:

    • Content Title
    • Teaser
    • MetaTitle
    • Content HTML

    Additionally, document files (PDFs, Word Documents) should contain keywords in the following property fields for the Agency Search:

    • Content Title
    • Teaser

    We typically recommend filling in the appropriate property fields for the most popular pages and files.

    Here’s some logic regarding the Agency Search Box:

    • if 3 letters or less, it does a like clause
    • if 4 letters or more, it does an exact word/phrase
    • if 2 or more words, it does an AND search. It will search for Agency content that matches that word combination first, but will return results for individual words second.

    Also, when document files are uploaded into the system, the Content Title field is initially populate with the file name. If you want to improve search results on document files, it is highly recommended the Content Title field be updated to a more meaningful title that contains keywords.

    For example: The Content Title for "regional_accreditation pdf" can be relabeled as "Regional Accreditation Resources for Connecticut Educators".

  • How do I find out where a page is located in my Website? There‚Äôs so many!
    Answer: You can perform a search on your website using the search bar below your navigation. If the item contains any keywords you entered, it should appear in the results. NOTE: most agency sites do not search the contents of document files.

    You can also navigate to a page page that contains a link to the page or document file you are seeking, hovering over that link, and noting the URL that appears in the bottom left of your browser window.

    For example,
    on this page:

    If you hover over the first blue box link - "About the office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity" - you'll see it's URL appear in the bottom left as:

    You should then be able to find that page in the content tree under DOT > Affirmative Action > About the Division