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Startup Package

So what do you get with Sitecore when you start out?

When an initial instance of your Agency website has been added into Sitecore, it comes packaged with basic folders and pages ready to be built out. These are located in your agency icon Agency folder. A Media Library icon Media Library folder is also created to store all images and document files for your website.

  • agency icon  Agency Folder - Where web pages are stored and managed (template pages)
  • Media Library icon  Media Library - Where images and document files are stored and managed

Below is an example of an Agency folder.
Agency Package - Site Folders and Template files


  • Services icon  Services - Where the navigation topics are stored and managed
  • List icon  Lists - Where the dynamic lists are stored and managed
  • folder icon  Press Room - Where press releases are stored and managed

Generic Pages

As you build out or migrate over your website, you will add in more folder icon folders to place your Add item icon template pages into for organizational purposes.