Add Content, Images, and More

You can add content, images, hyperlinks, and more to your newly created page in two ways:


In-Page Editor
  1. Click on the text that reads [No text in field] to activate the toolbox.
  2. Enter in your content and select any options in the toolbox to insert hyperlinks and images.
  3. Select the Save Save icon icon located at the top left of the screen.


Rich Text Editor
  1. For more editing functions, launch the Rich Text Editor by selecting the Edit the text Text Editor icon icon from the toolbox.
  2. Enter your content into the Rich Text Editor.
    Text Editor screen

    Learn more about the Rich Text Editor features
    Add an imageAdd a hyperlink  |  Add an email link  |  Add an anchor linkAdd a table  |  Add an iFrame

    Read Writing for the Web Guidelines
    Ensure any images or tables you add meet accessibility compliance

  3. Select the Accept button when you are done entering content to exit the Rich Text Editor and display your additions.
  4. Select the Save Save icon icon located at the top left of the screen.
  5. Select the Unlock Lock and Unlock icon icon on the Experience Editor Ribbon under the Home tab to Check in your page when you are done editing.

NOTE: Save your changes often to keep from losing them! Sitecore has a 20 minute inactivity session timeout, meaning if you are not actively interacting within Sitecore, you may get logged out and loose your changes if not saved.

When working in the Rich Text Editor (RTE), the Sitecore session timeout continues it's countdown because Sitecore does not recognize your activity. To ensure your content is saved and you do not get logged out after 20 minutes when working in the RTE, select the Accept button at the bottom of the screen (exiting you out of the RTE) and then select the Save Save icon icon.


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