Select Navigation Sections


If you have created a task page, a list of pre-defined navigation sections are created as well to choose from. All possible navigation sections are displayed on the page, but only the Overview section is visible because it is required. The other sections are optional, so are hidden until they are made visible. To do this:

  1. Select a navigation section you want to show up on the page by selecting the navigation title once.
    Experience Editor Navigation Selection screen
  2. A toolbar will appear with the edit field edit field icon icon that resembles three stacked cubes. Select it.
  3. A dialogue box will then appear with the option to check the Show task item. Check the checkbox and select OK.
    Experience Editor Show Navigation Item
  4. Continue these steps until you have checked all the navigation sections you want displayed. 
  5. Select the Save Save icon icon located at the top left of the screen to save your changes. The page will refresh with your changes now shown as visible.
    • The word Visible should be displayed instead of Hidden next to each navigation section you checked.

NOTE: Select the Unlock Unlock icon icon to check in your page if you are done editing.


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