Perform a Find and Replace

You can perform a Find and Replace through the Rich Text Editor and it functions very much like a word processor would.

NOTE: If the page you are editing is Checked in and Unlocked, select the Lock and Edit link to check it out and edit the page.
Lock and Edit Warning Message


  1. Click your mouse around the text. A toolbox will appear with icons to choose from.
  2. Select the Editor icon Rich Text Editor icon. The Rich Text Editor box will appear
  3. Click the Find and Replace icon Find and Replace icon. The Find box will appear.
    Find and Replace menu

  4. Select the Find and Replace tab.
    • Find - Enter in the word(s) you which to find.
    • Replace With - Enter in the word(s) you wish to replace the found word(s) with.
  5. Select the option of your choice:
    • Replace
    • Replace All
    • Find Next
  6. Click the Accept button at the bottom right of the Rich Text Editor box.
  7. Save Save icon your changes.